Garden photos

I’ve picked out a few photos taken in our garden here in Brecon. All except one were taken this year (2016). The captions identify and date the subjects. Enjoy!


Azaleas – 8 May 2016


Azalea & Rhododendron – 20 May 2016


Birch & Azaleas – 23 May 2016


Photographing the previous picture – 23 May 2016


Hot day in summer – 15 August 2016


Back garden: Carpet Roses – 15 August 2016


Heavy rain on birdhouse – 16 August 2016


Photina – 1 September 2015


Japanese Maple – 21 October 2016


October landscape

I spotted the scene below while having lunch at home in Brecon around 1 pm on 19th October. The sunlight illuminated the scene for a very brief period – just long enough forĀ  me to attach a telephoto lens to my camera.


October Landscape

Welsh Churches and Chapels

Over the years I’ve accumulated a large collection of photographs of Welsh churches and chapels. I took most of the photos myself, firstly with a 35mm film camera and then later with various digital cameras. Back in 2007, I decided to embark on a project to display these images on my website, together with information about each of the churches and chapels that were the subject of the photographs. As the project gathered pace, some of the visitors to my website were kind enough to offer me the use of their own photographs of Welsh churches and chapels.

It took me nine years to upload my entire collection of photographs and to research the history and/or architecture of each church or chapel. During that period, whenever I added a new subject to my online collection, I announced it to the world via several of the Welsh genealogy electronic mailing lists hosted by Unfortunately, following serious technical problems a few months ago, the RootsWeb mailing lists seem to be in terminal decline, so I can no longer use them to broadcast developments on my Welsh Churches and Chapels webpages. Instead, I’ve decided to employ this blog and my Facebook page for this purpose.

My online Welsh Churches and Chapels Collection now comprises over 470 different Welsh places of worship, each displayed on its own separate webpage. I still make trips with my digital camera to photograph more Welsh churches and chapels – and I still receive offers of photographs from other kind folk. So the collection is still expanding.

The most recent additions to my online Collection include several churches and chapels in the towns of Usk (Monmouthshire) and Crickhowell (Breconshire), the parish churches at Llanarthne (Carmarthenshire) and Llanhamlach (Breconshire), and a Welsh Independent chapel at Llanon, Llansanffraid (Cardiganshire). More will follow over the coming weeks and months, so watch this space!

Tumbledown Cottage – work in progress!

I intended to publish this blog back in May, but for some reason never actually pressed the Publish button! So here it is, four months late….

I recently received an update on progress with the restoration of this old Herefordshire cottage. I also visited the cottage on Monday (23 May) and took some photographs.

I’ve added a full report as an illustrated update on the Tumbledown Cottage page on my website – read the whole story of the Tumbledown Cottage or go directly to the update.

Tumbledown Cottage – New Developments!

Planning applications for the restoration/conversion of the Old Crow were submitted to Herefordshire Council in May 2015. The applications are in the last few days of the consultation phase, which ends on Tuesday (7th July).

All the planning details are accessible for viewing on the Herefordshire Council website. I have added a full report as an update on the Tumbledown Cottage page on my website (scroll down to the updates section near the bottom of the webpage)..

Tumbledown Cottage – Update

In the months since my last update in October 2014, two newly discovered members of the Penn(e)y family have supplied me with more information about their ancestry, and in one case with a wonderful old photograph. I have incorporated these details into my online account of the Penney family on the Tumbledown Cottage page.on my website.

Also, I have added two new photos of the old cottage, taken when I visited it on 30 December 2014 to assess progress with its restoration.

You can see the results of these updates on my website at

Tumbledown Cottage – Further update

Yesterday (22 October) was the first anniversary of the tragic death of David Penney, last occupant of The Old Crow cottage at Willersley. It is also over five weeks since the building was sold by auction. I therefore decided to visit the cottage to see what progress has been made.

I have added a report on my findings as an update to the “Tumbledown Cottage” feature on my website at

The update, which includes two new photographs, is near the bottom of the webpage, under the heading “The Fate of the Old Crow”.