October landscape

I spotted the scene below while having lunch at home in Brecon around 1 pm on 19th October. The sunlight illuminated the scene for a very brief period – just long enough for  me to attach a telephoto lens to my camera.


October Landscape

3 thoughts on “October landscape

  1. Larry Couture says:

    John, those photographs are truly spectacular ! The Red Maple is just stunning! Postcard quality!

  2. johnofbrecon says:

    Thanks Larry. Our surroundings are so beautiful that almost any photograph attracts a positive reaction!

  3. Not everyone will drop a ham sandwich to grab a camera, affix a lens, then capture what you did. A lovely October Landscape, indeed! The calm of the countryside, the tree shadows, it’s all there to enjoy.

    Yeah, Ansel Adams made a quick decision for his famous “Moonlight, Hernandez, New Mexico” in 1941. (Interesting story.) However…

    I dub thee the Ansel Adams of Brecon, Wales!

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