Welsh Churches and Chapels Collection: Update

My online Welsh Churches and Chapels Collection now comprises 475 different Welsh places of worship, each displayed on its own separate webpage. I still make trips with my digital camera to photograph more Welsh churches and chapels – and I still receive offers of photographs from other kind folk. So the collection is still expanding.

The most recent addition to my online Collection is the historic Beulah Welsh Baptist Chapel near Little Newcastle in the county of Pembrokeshire. The photographs were kindly sent to me by Jill Morgan. I will be adding more church and chapel webpages over the coming weeks and months, so keep watching this space!

One thought on “Welsh Churches and Chapels Collection: Update

  1. Marita Ulrich (EPP) says:

    I just “drove” the Beulah Hill Rd to see the Beulah Chapel. It was a lovely ride, the green scenery abounds. I came to a stop before the chapel and felt sad. Such a strong lonely looking building, yet standing tall for all who pass by. I was pleased to see the windows still intact, the panes of glass unbroken.

    I decided to further my arm-chair venture into the area by looking for a pub. Driving in Wales makes one thirsty! Ended up in Little Newcastle, spotted the parish church there, but damned if I could find a watering hole! So I moved on… eventually getting lost and packing in the whole trip for a pint.

    John, I love that you have included the Google maps. I used it today to read the road signs. Thanks for adding this feature.

    Good to hear you’re still out and about hunting for Welsh Churches and Chapels. Has anyone/you thought of photographing any of the Quaker Meeting Houses? I know of the one in Neath as that is where my great-great grandfather and his two wives are buried. Long time ago Brian Wagstaff sent me a couple photos of the gravestones, through the closed gate, that had been moved, leaning against the wall, and the Taylor’s was one of them. My good fortune to eventually get up close and personal on a later trip.

    Carry on with you photographing!


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